Monday, January 18, 2016

Back again, and trying to figure out this Bloglovin' thing...

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As ever, January is my month for re-visiting the miniaturist in me. Didn't do it last January because we moved, and such was the year that I just this week unpacked my mini-making things...
These guys are my helpers.

and now the table below is so packed and jammed you can hardly see it.
As soon as I figure out what I'm working on, I'll be back!                                                                                      

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Little this, little that...

I have just been making more of the same stuff I was working on. For example, here is another bicycle basket

Still waiting for the bicycle though - perhaps next week. Then I made another chair, hoping to improve on the last one. I did fix the problems I made with the first one, but then created new problems by using the wrong thickness of wood. Once I realized my error, I decided to continue to the end, just to see how it would turn out. You never know - perhaps it's better with the errors. It was not better.
The chair on the left was my 1st chair, and you can see that the proportions are bigger and seem softer. The error I made was to use thinner wood for the back and sides and that resulted in a much more compact chair. My son says it's the difference between a B&N comfy chair (do they still have those?) and a dentist's waiting room chair. Chair number three will get done next week - have to get more balsa. I have bass and I have some hardwood, but I want to get it right before I use it...
Another thing I threw together is a foam-core corner ( a floor and two sides) so I don't always have to display my cluttered work table. I also made that broom, but my last one, which I cannot find right now, was better. The floor is just a bamboo placemat. The little green cat-head pillow is wool felt, sewn with embroidery floss in the blanket stitch and stuffed with more wool.
Pretty sloppy, but hey, my amateurish blog exists to demonstrate why one pays the big bucks for professional work. I should rename it "The Cautionary Tale"

Sunday, January 12, 2014

So I made a chair...

which is riddled with faults, but looks OK from a distance:

I made a bigger cat to read to the littler cat, and my daughter was horrified that it was 'naked', so she quickly wrapped the blue cloth around. How come when she does that it looks like a proper robe, and when I do it  it looks like a piece of scrap cloth?

Anyway, on to another project - a bicycle basket!

This is a basket I embroidered to look like  bike baskets I remember from when I was a kid, but it needs handles. To the left is a  leather upholstery sample, and I thought my paper cutter would be a good way to cut a fine miniature strap:
It didn't quite cut through all the way...
but just a little bit left to cut through, and a nice straight edge.

Just used jump rings for the hardware...
then attaching is fairly simple!

Now I need a bike!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hey, I'm on a roll! 2 posts in 3 days...

So yesterday, the lovely (at least in our neighborhood) first day of the year, I played at my table practically ALL DAY. You'd think I'd have more to show for it, but glue drying takes up a lot of time...
I was making shirts, but I ran out of hangers, so while glue was drying, I went online and searched for anything on miniature hanger jigs, finding just the thing! "Amber's House" is the blog of a very talented miniaturist, and on  this page, you will find instructions to make a jig too!

Then of course, I needed something to hang the hangers on...
No, something better than that!

 Lego jig in action! These are bamboo skewers, by the way...
 taking forever! but hey, if you give a moose a muffin...
and at last, a clothing rack!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Time for my yearly post!

Every year at about this time, I think "this will be my resolution, to post regularly", because I get a week off work between Christmas & New Years Day, and it feels like I have all the time in the world! Then reality hits when I go back to work, and the kids go back to school and I'm driving driving driving my life away, then the fun just sort of goes out of posting, because I'm doing less and less creative stuff and I just feel boooring...snore. So this year, the resolution is more about staying creative,and less about the blog. I figure, if I have something to post about, I'll probably post about it!
So here's the latest thing I've been making (click the pictures to make them bigger)- these little cats:
Oh oh - I forgot to tell you! The OTHER reason I might be more creative is that finally my work table is empty! After 3 years, the spouse finally got his engine in the car (this was my xmas present) and now it's MY TURN! Here are some cats:
This was a project I started in 2012
I got a string of these cat bead heads, and I saw Miyazaki's animated movie "The cat came back"
which inspired the kimono, because I thought it would be easier to make than Victorian formalwear...
Then I thought it would be nice to have a little meditative companion,

And here's my table now!

Monday, January 16, 2012

My first mini swap...

was a miniature houseplant swap, and I immediately wanted to try the cactus garden that I saw over at Caseymini’s. Sadly, even though I searched and searched for potpourri with convertible ingredients, I was not so fortunate. 
What I did find was some dried field flowers at Michael’s, and when I snipped off the stem and sanded it down, then painted them, they looked pretty much like cactus to me. I also found this pink cattail, which I snipped up into flowers, and used up my cardamom pods for succulents. I  noticed some interesting pods on the ground outside my daughter’s music class, stuffed a bunch of those in my pocket and later snipped and painted into a weird stiff grass, also stuck in most pots.

Here is my collection sent out. (This is incomplete, but I didn't take a pic at the end)

And here is what I got back! (13 completely different plants -so amazing!)

Hydrangea by Bonnie H.  (her 1st swap too!)
Primrose by Jean M.
African violet by Elizabeth D.
Audrey by Elixabeth G. (1st swap!)
Bonsai by Annilee T.
Heartleaf philodendron by Ellen S. (1st swap)
Slipper orchid by Linda S.
Trailing ivy by Mrs. John M.
Palm (tall) by Susie R.
Big leaf in white pot by Annie
Spider plant by Marcia H.
Bromeliad by Ninalu  R.
Rubber plant by Karen Y.